Wednesday, August 23, 2006



This first project presented by STUDIOTORINO has been created in collaboration with Alois Ruf, who was developed the mechanical, performance and certification aspect.
Driving pleasure must take into consideration factors like road condition, air, sun and fear of driving in harsh weather conditions on curvy and slippery roads. Beyond being a passion, sports is a challen
ge. It is measure up to oneself; is pleasure. Speed is relative pleasure is intimate and personal.
It is understand and essential, never brash and yet aggressive in a minimalist manner. It is tailored to the pilot and co-pilot like an haute-couture dress. It is powerful, but not excessively. It’s power plant guarantees approx. 420 bhp (305kw), but mostly a very high torque at any RPM. Shall we talk about speed? Let’s say about 285Km/h. True and easy to easy to reach-but let’s forget legal speed limits.
Leading industry partners and services providers have designed,
manufactured and provided for the first time, purposely and for this off-set model only, technologically advanced components such as alloy wheels, tires, braking system, paints, luxury lather interiors and carbon-fiber seats.

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